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About Pomona's Promise

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The five initiatives of Pomona’s Promise operate independently but under the philosophy of not being a silo, and with the understanding that the work of each supports and is supported by the work of the others, all toward the objective of the overall benefit of the mission of Pomona’s Promise: 

“Strong families, safe neighborhoods, and a healthy quality of life.”


Pomona’s Promise was launched at a community summit held in February 2014, in response to a spike in the number of homicides in 2013.  The 250 participants who attended knew that this wasn’t simply a matter of law enforcement – that the community had to address underlying issues.  Through world café-style discussions, five areas of focus emerged. At that summit, it was decided to form an organization based on the principles of collective impact, and these five initiatives were established:

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Pomona already enjoyed a unique culture of collaboration that had been cultivated by the Youth and Family Master Plan, the predecessor of Pomona’s Promise.

Pomona’s Promise Leadership Team

The work of the five initiatives and of Pomona’ Promise as a whole is informed and coordinated by the Pomona’s Promise Leadership Team (PPLT), which meets regularly every month.

Each of Pomona’s Promise’s five initiatives sets its own meeting times and procedures.  Each initiative, using a method of its own choosing, selects a representative to the PPLT.  In addition, each initiative has an anchor partner, which is an agency in Pomona whose work aligns closely with the work of that initiative.

The PPLT is comprised of:

  • Two representatives per initiative –
    one that is selected by the initiative membership, and the other that is appointed by the anchor partner of that initiative.

  • Four at-large membership positions

  • A youth advocate

  • A representative of the City of Pomona

  • A representative of the Pomona Community Foundation

PPLT meetings are planned and facilitated by a Chair and Vice-chair, who are elected from among PPLT members.

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Please note that the governance structure of Pomona’s Promise is currently undergoing review.  Governance documents that have been created are considered interim for the time being.

Here is the current make-up of the PPLT:

Community Engagement Initiative

Anchor partner:  Western University College of Graduate Nursing

Marci Horowitz

Chair or other representative of the initiative

Jeff Johannsen, Pomona Hope

Community Safety Initiative

Anchor partner:  Pomona Police Department

Corp. Chris Lewis

Chair or other representative of the initiative

Elyse Severson,  House of Ruth

Economic Development Initiative

Anchor partner:  Pomona Chamber of Commerce

Monique Manzanares

Chair or other representative of the initiative

Hector Lopez

Education and Career Readiness Initiative

Anchor partner:  Pomona Unified School District

Krystana Walks-Harper 

Chair or other representative of the initiative

Anne Henderson

Healthy in Pomona Initiative

Anchor partner:  TriCity Mental Health Services

Lisa Naranjo

Chair or other representative of the initiative

Lucie Leung-Gurung

City of Pomona

City of Pomona

Andrea Rico

Pomona Community Foundation

Board Member


Youth Advocacy Organization

Leader or board member

Norma Quinones, San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps


4 Community residents or
active initiative participants

Stephanie Campbell
Andy Quinones

Juanita Preciado-Becerra
Jan Chase

Stephanie Campbell currently serves as interim chair of the PPLT

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